Client Results: 

Paul and Yulia Tarbath

$47K In 30 Days ... 

"I’m loving Yulia's 2-step enrollment system. So simple and works amazingly well!  

Thanks to this strategy, I enrolled 11 high ticket clients and generated $47,000 in 30 days! My best month EVER.

I used to dread my discovery calls because I’d talk to a prospect for 2+ hours and find out they lacked money or desire. I'm now able to screen my prospects better, which save me a lot of time, yet still allows me to serve the people I talk to.  

More time to enroll the best guys for me. Brilliant stuff!"  

- Connell Barrett, Dating Coach, USA  

$45K In 90 Days As A Health Coach ... 

"I'm seeing more calls booked and I can enroll more clients into our program at any time now as you helped us move away from launches and build a leveraged coaching program.  

We generated over $45,000 in 90 days using your strategy with no advertising! Automating the content inside my program will allow me to spend more time in the future with my daughter and my husband, so this is liberating.  

Your program has been life-changing for us as raw food health coaches in France. Thank you and I'm thrilled to discover that there is more to come!'

- Karolina Bocko, Raw Food Health Coach, France

My First $5K Month

"I've done a lot of things to make my business work - hired coaches, did programs and courses, however, I still had issues with generating the revenue I wanted. 

In a matter of weeks of working with Yulia, my whole business was transformed. From creating my brand new high ticket program, through to all the social media set up, tech set up, enrollment skills and personal mastery - I was given the tools and support to make it all happen. 

I generated $5K in the first 30 days after going live with my new coaching offer. I've never seen as many clients book calls with me, my engagement is high, I've raised my coaching prices by 10 times, restructured my whole business and I'm continuously enrolling more clients with less calls. 

Working with Yulia has been the best investment I've ever made!'

 - Michele M., Health Coach, USA

18 New Paid Clients In 90 Days!

“I signed up 18 NEW clients in 90 DAYS since starting Yulia's program. Thanks to her strategies, I’m booking more calls and enrolling more people than ever before.

I can’t believe the results I’ve experienced already in such a short space of time - and that’s in the middle of this Coronavirus situation!

I’ve increased my prices as well and I finally feel that my health coaching business is generating income.

This program is completely priceless and my business has been transformed to a new level. Thank you!.”  

- Beata Lipska, Vegan Health Coach, Israel  

Zero To $7,000 In 90 Days

"For those who have not yet worked with Yulia... for those who are on the fence... I'm not sure what you're waiting for.

I just finished Yulia's program a few weeks ago and it was career-changing.. and I might even go so far as to say life-changing... because now I'm pretty confident where my next "paycheck" is coming from. Before I wasn't at all. It was a scramble, there was panic, and it was exhausting.

When I met Yulia I was selling low-ticket cleanses to local yoga studio members. I desperately wanted to make money online with more ease, but all of the tools that I had gathered from freebies and other coaches along the way were just simply not doing the trick.

I'm and INN graduate and I didn't have an effective system, and I wasn't feeling great about what I had to offer. In short, here's what Yulia's program did for me:

  • Helped me to gain clarity on my target audience... this happened in week one... this was a game-changer! You think you know your niche/target audience?.... Wait until you talk to Yulia... She's been in the field. She knows what's too vague, what's too specific, etc.
  • Taught me an effective system to cultivate a following.... with EASE! The best part? There's flexibility within this system to make it your own, to use your own voice... in fact that's the most important part and Yulia emphasizes that.
  • I haven't even used HALF of the resources and methods Yulia offered in the program and I MADE MY INVESTMENT BACK before graduating the program and have gone on to work with more clients after the program selling my high ticket program priced at $1800. I signed up 5 new high ticket clients already in a matter of weeks, starting from zero.

This program will change your life. What are you waiting for?"

- Kathryn Guiffre, Health Coach, USA

Zero To 5 Paid Clients While Working Part-Time

I came into Yulia's 90-day program after taking another business coaching program. The previous one didn't get me the results I was looking for, and I was determined to make it happen!

I'm a mom and I like to travel, so my goal was to create more flexibility in my life by building my health coaching business online.

As soon as I applied Yulia's strategy, I booked 5 new discovery calls and signed up 3 high end clients within just 7 days!

I was feeling doubtful before, but Yulia helped me turn it all around quickly, and get new clients.

I got 5 new paid clients by the end of the 90-day program, while working on this part time as I also have another job right now.

Thanks to all the strategies I learnt, I know I can take my health coaching business to the level I want it to be at.

Don't overthink it, just do it. You won't regret doing Yulia's program!”  

- Amanda Viera, Health and Fitness Coach, USA  

$4,000 Worth Of Coaching Clients In 4 Weeks!

I absolutely loved Yulia Tarbath's Coaching Breakthrough Academy.

I didn't know initially if I would learn more about coaching visibility and effective engagement with potential clients after twenty-two years of health coaching and numerous marketing and business courses.

Very quickly, I saw Yulia's course was structured for total coaching success both through her course modules and weekly coaching calls. I not only acquired new important knowledge that went very deep into every aspect of reaching clients and then communicating with them, but I also got to apply it while still in the Academy.

I enrolled 2 high ticket $2,000 clients in just 4 weeks and generated $4,000!

Thank you, Yulia, for sharing your years of experience and very focused course materials. I greatly benefitted!”  

- Karen Ranzi, Plant Foods Health Coach, USA  

Zero To 3 New Clients As A Home Schooling Mom

After I graduated from my Naturopathic College, I didn't know how to start attracting clients. I saw Yulia's success as a health coach and wanted to learn from her. I have 2 kids and I was home-schooling them at a time, so all I wanted was just 1-2 clients per month.

I had no niche, no program, no marketing plan, no clients, no social media presence. ALL that got transformed in just 90 days!

Yulia helped me understand my niche, build my authority, create my program from scratch, and using her plan I got 3 beautiful, paying clients.

Things started to change so quickly, I didn't even expect it myself.

Yulia's program and support was a total game-changer. It's absolutely worth it, I am so glad I did it." 

- Andreea Ungureanu, Health Coach, Spain

From Total Zero To 5 New Clients And 1,000 FB Group Members

Before working with Yulia, I had graduated from a nutrition school four months ago. Despite having all the knowledge of nutrition and coaching, I had no idea how to get clients. Shortly after graduation, I enrolled in a business program for nutrition coaches, a 6-month mastermind program, but it didn't work for me. So, I found Yulia, joined her program began to follow her process.

Within 4 weeks of implementing everything, I had signed up 5 new paid online clients! I didn’t have any paying clients before! This week is not even finished yet, and I have 5 discovery calls already booked in my calendar!

I created a private Facebook group that grew from zero to 1000 members in just 12 weeks! My group is full of committed, engaged people who appreciate what I offer.

The world of entrepreneurship has not been easy for me, ESPECIALLY at the beginning. I have had my ups and downs, but Yulia has always been there to support and help me. She is a strong believer in a positive mindset, and she has transferred this onto me. I have been able to overcome my challenges and fears. I have changed so much since working with Yulia. This is why I feel that everything is starting to gain momentum and it feels wonderful! Thanks, Yulia. Without your help, I couldn't have done it by myself.”  

- Scarlet Mendoza, IIn Graduate and Digestive Health Coach, USA

 Physiotherapist signs 3 new clients online

“I was really struggling to fit in my clients and work with them face to face, especially as a busy mum. I knew going online would be ideal for my family-work balance, but I had no idea where to start.  

From not knowing what to do, to having my online program in place, as well as strategies to market myself and attract clients – all this happened in a matter of just weeks.  

But that’s not all–I increased my prices and actually enrolled 3 new clients already.  

I’m not a very tech minded person at all, but every single step was explained very clearly. Yulia was knowledgeable and helpful and got me very clear on exactly what I needed to do. She kept me on track and accountable, was positive and supportive throughout.  

Now I have all I need in place to continue growing my business and attracting more paid clients.  

I think if you were unsure, I would say go for it! Just imagine where you could be in 6 month’s time - the future is yours!"  

- Gemma Richardson, Women's Health Coach and Pelvic Floor Specialist, England  

Group Program Built And $8,300 In Profits In Just Weeks

“I am an established Health Coach in England, however I was coaching clients one-on-one and didn't have a high-end group coaching program.

During Yulia's 90-day Coaching Breakthrough program, I focused on building my premium group online program I can safely say that I have built one!

Her videos go through the steps systematically and clearly and with the support of the weekly group calls I was able to build a course that I am really proud of.

Not only did I build my program, but I also enrolled 4 high-ticket clients and generated $8,300 in revenue in a matter of a few weeks.

Thank you, Yulia!”  

- Jules Frances, Emotional Eating Coach, England  

From Beginner To $6.6K In Profits In 90 Days

When I embarked on my career as a health coach I knew there were some business aspects with which I needed help. Even though I have 10 years of experience in providing business consulting services I was not well versed in the virtual delivery model and the social media aspect.

Yulia filled in those gaps by coaching me on how to successfully market with social media and provided me with the framework and support for creating my own webinar. The added bonus was my breakthrough on pricing. She helped me clearly define my programs and then price them based on their value to the client.

I was able to go from beginner to generating $6,650 in profits all in just 90 days!

I was impressed by how professional the training modules were done and the supportive environment that was provided. Yulia leveraged her own health coaching background when designing the program and it shows. Working with her was well worth it!”  

- Ken K,, Health Coach, USA  

Built My New High Ticket Funnel

“Before working with Yulia, my webinar, my landing page, and even my scheduler were a complete mess. 

My webinar didn’t make sense. My landing page alone was enough to deter potential clients.  

Yulia has helped me build my whole funnel to start attracting high-paying clients – from webinar and landing pages, through to my enrollment process and professional YouTube channel that converts.  

I’m really glad I found Yulia and I’m not sure where I would be without her.”  

- Kevin B., Empowered Eating System Coach, USA  

Launched Coaching Business From Zero In 12 Weeks!

Have you heard of analysis paralysis? That is where I was when Yulia found me. I just couldn't make a decision or get started, I was overthinking everything and answering nothing, the only thing I knew was I passionately wanted to be a health coach.

Joining Yulia's program was a game-changer. Yulia provides you with a practical and well-defined path to starting and growing your business, guides you in making fundamental decisions about what kind of coach you want to be, and provides you with key skills in technology, marketing, social media, and management to get you there.

I can honestly say, I gained years of knowledge without having to spend years of time accumulating it. In just 12 weeks, I went from thinking about being a coach, to launching my coaching business and building my tribe!" 

- Amelia Geary, Health Coach, Barbados

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