I’ve been a health coach myself for over 8 years and today I wanted to share with you my 5 biggest mistakes.

1. You can build a thriving health coaching business if you don’t give up and find the right approach.

After 5 years of us running our health coaching business online, we were struggling and felt exhausted about the way we were doing our health coach business.

Endless launches, challenges, low-cost ebooks, and the need to create more and more new products eventually caught on us. Not only that, we were not generating great income back then, even after years of doing health coaching.

We even felt like giving up, but then we got engaged, invested even more, and that changed everything. 12 months after we re-committed, we hit six figures in revenue.

2. Yes, you can make money online as a coach and can also make a lot of impact in this world.

You have to be a specialist – aka choose the right niche as a health coach! I was a generalist for too long, so my online health coaching business made it difficult for me to position myself as a true expert in the field of health coaching.

By deepening my knowledge in a single area and becoming a specialist, the possibility of you making more impact and also making money online is greater.

3. You can charge a premium as a health coach.

For many years, we thought that we could not charge more than a few hundred dollars per client. We were mistaken!

As a health coach, you can charge thousands versus hundreds, because the result you’re providing to people is worth it.

Having a high ticket program helps you grow faster and therefore generate high income online.

4. You have to fall in love with being good at sales.

No, I don’t mean being “salesy”. But I mean loving sales and being great at it.

Little did we know that in order to get more coaching clients, especially high ticket coaching clients, you need to be great at sales. It’s a high-income skill that you have to master.

So it’s essential that you acquire sales skills to generate the necessary trust in the client and achieve high ticket sales.

This is a key part of any business and of course with your health coaching program as well.

5.  The more successful you are with your business, the more people and lives you can change. 

The more clients you get, the more people you serve, the bigger your impact, the more income you make.

As a result of that, you become a more powerful leader.

Through your successful high ticket coaching program, you can add greater value to clients, make important changes in their lives and therefore grow as a coach and a leader.

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