If you’re running or want to run a health coaching business, and start attracting clients into your high ticket health coaching program, you’ll find this interview fascinating.

Amanda is a vegan health coach and fitness coach with years of fitness coaching experience.

She was running her fitness business meeting clients in person and one day she realized that she wanted a lot more flexibility.

Before she came into my program, she had already invested into another business coaching program, however it didn’t result in paid clients.

So she’s been struggling for income with her health coaching practice.

As well as serving clients and making an impact, your successful business also needs to make money online.

For that, you need a winning online marketing strategy, high paying skills, and high ticket sales skills.

The idea of building a high ticket online health coaching program is something that appealed greatly to Amanda.

When year in and year out you keep on spinning your wheels without having full control of your time, it makes sense that shifting your coaching business online is the way to go.

One of the first things we did together was choosing a very specific health coaching niche vs being a generic plant foods health coach.

Then, we worked on Amanda’s program and pricing, as well as sales skills.

Amanda wanted to follow the right plan to start charging a premium in her health coaching business. So we created a high ticket health coaching program for Amanda.

Well, within her first week, she signed up 2 paid clients!

She kept on booking more calls and graduated my 90-day program with 5 high end clients, while working on her online business a few hours a week.

Amanda is celebrating her new level of growth and a health coaching business that finally generates income.

Watch this video interview to discover how health coach Amanda build her health coaching business online.

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