Hi, I’m Yulia Tarbath – and it’s my passion to help health and wellness coaches attract more premium clients, create more impact and grow their business to six-figures and beyond …

I have 2 formal degrees — Business Studies And Psychology and I’m also a certified Health Coach with over 7 years of experience in the health coaching niche.

Together with my husband, we built a successful six-figure coaching business online and created a large international health conscious following.

I have been featured in the Huffington Post, Daily Mail, The Mirror, Mind Body Green, Natural News and other popular magazines, newspapers, blogs and websites.

Through my work, I help wellness coaches focus on the right steps to grow their business online and create the life they want to live.

How did I get to become a coach to wellness coaches?

We started our online health business in the plant based, raw food health niche many years ago.

I regained my health and my life back with this lifestyle and I had a strong desire to help other people. So both myself and my husband had a real passion to assist people into health, but online marketing was very new to us.

We were working hard and our following was growing – but because we didn’t have the right business strategy, the growth of our following back then was not translating into the income we needed to earn.

“Will this ever work?”

We were draining our savings and this was causing us a lot of stress, frustration and tension. At one stage of our business, we were close to quitting it all together, which was heart breaking for me. And it’s not that we were doing nothing to correct our situation …

Over the years, we’ve invested a lot into all kinds of online marketing courses – launches, high end business coaches, endless marketing programs, Facebook ads … but unfortunately we were still not seeing results.

And because we’ve worked with one business coach after another and none of them were able to bring us the results we wanted to see, we began to think that our plant-based niche was just not profitable – it was a big passion of ours, but things were just not working.

My husband and I are raising our beautiful daughter Elanie and we realised that our old way of doing business was NOT a sustainable way forward – not for our family, for our future or for our sanity. We needed to change things fast to stay in business.

The turning point …

We would probably have ended up being burnt out and quitting, but something truly life changing came into our world.

We switched to a high ticket coaching model and adopted a new business strategy.

We hit six figures as health coaches just 12 months later and we were amazed to discover just how much more time, joy and freedom we were now having in our lives.

So, I’m here to tell you that you can create your business in a way that actually allows you to work less, earn more, serve your clients and have the freedom in your life to do what you want to do.

You can build your business to six figures and beyond as a coach and have a stream of beautiful, high paying clients who will want to invest in your program. Ready to make it happen?

Client Results:

“I’m loving Yulia’s 2-step enrollment system. So simple and works amazingly well!

Thanks to this strategy, I enrolled 11 high ticket clients and generated $47,000 in 30 days – my BEST month ever!

An awesome bonus? My calls are so now so much more effective and efficient. And I’m not spending tons of hours on the phone with weaker leads. More time to enroll the best guys for me.

So grateful for Yulia’s help. Brilliant stuff!”

– Connell Barrett, Dating Coach

“I’ve done a lot of things to make my business work – hired coaches, did programs and courses, however I still had issues with generating the revenue I wanted as a health coach.

In a matter of weeks of working with Yulia, my whole business was transformed. I’ve never seen as many clients book calls with me, my engagement is high, I’ve raised my coaching prices by 10 times, restructured my whole business and I’m continuously enrolling more clients with less calls.

Thanks to the strategies I’ve learnt, I generated $5K in 30 days. Working with Yulia was the best decision I’ve ever made!”

– Michele Martinez, Women’s Health Coach.