The health coach business is extremely competitive, so it’s important that you have the perfect client testimony formula to get the attention of potential clients.

Why do you need this? 

Because the feedback given by your past clients will help your potential ones realize that your health coaching tips are the real deal and definitely worth their time and investment.

One of the most common tips for an online business for beginners applies in this situation: generate excitement in the viewer or the reader by showing how your health coaching business has helped people achieve big results.

If these testimonies are not filled with real results, there is very little chance that your potential client is going to feel very excited about hiring the services of your health coach business.

Another very common formula is one of the most famous sales skills: tell a story.

It goes like this: your former client explains in a detailed manner how was the experience of using your health coaching program, the value that it has, the benefits that it had for them – all told in a manner that is compelling for your audience.

Social media is a great place to share your client testimonies to help you get more clients.

After all, people tend to be very vocal on those platforms and they can voice their opinions about your health coach business.

If they praise you as a health coach and your health coaching program, your potential clients can have a look and realize that you’re the perfect person to help them with their big problems.

A perfect client testimony formula is one of the many high-income skills that you need to be successful in marketing as an entrepreneur but done right it can make a heck of a difference for you and your health coach business!

As they say: “Facts tell, stories sell!”

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