Your social media content strategy has the power to build your health coaching business online and help you create authority and influence.


This kind of impact only comes from having a solid social media strategy and social media marketing.


It’s 2021 – so it’s no longer enough to just choose the best social media platform, or platforms, and sporadically update your audience when you have the time … or feel like it.

If you’re in the health coaching niche and you want to build a high ticket business that makes an impact and also makes money online, you have to focus on the right steps!  


If you want a thriving online coaching business, your social media content creation plan needs to achieve specific goals, create valuable posts that align with those goals, and bring clients into your health coaching program.


There isn’t one cookie-cutter social media communication plan, but there’s a simple formula that can definitely help you with your social media content strategy.


So as well as getting a larger social media following, you’ll also be getting paid clients to grow your health coaching business.


Your social media content calendar should begin with a very clear goal – to reach the right audience, to communicate your value, and to encourage the right people to take action – for example, engage, sign up for your content upgrade or book a discovery call with you.


This process involves digging deep into your brand values as well as researching your audience.


Once you’re clear on your social media content strategy, it’s time to get out there!


So in my video today, I wanted to give you 3 high converting social media content ideas that can help you not only build your audience but also bring in paid clients into your health coaching program.


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