Looking to build a health coaching business and generate your first – or next – $100K online to get to six figures?

Creating a signature health coaching program online gives you many opportunities!

More flexibility because you work from home and have the ability to live anywhere you desire, and a more flexible calendar.

When you identify a profitable health coaching niche and build your high-paying skills, as well as create a high ticket marketing plan, six figures become possible.

Depending on what stage of your health coach business you’re at, for example, a beginner health coach, or a more established one, it can take you between 6-24+ months to get there.

And of course, your six figures online won’t happen without your work!

But it absolutely can happen when you have the right health coaching niche, the health coaching program that talks to your audience, and a great marketing system.

With this in mind, let’s reverse engineer your journey to six figures online with your health coaching business.

So, $100,000 …

Translates to $8,400 per month

If your health coaching program is $3K, it will take you 3 paid clients to get there.

If you have high-paying skills and if you worked on building your sales skills, you’ll probably need to talk to 10 clients to get 2 high-paying clients.

In this way, you’ll need to book 15 pre-qualified through your marketing plan calls per month.

Let’s play it safe and say 20 calls.

If you’re running paid Facebook ads, and book calls at $50-$70 per call, you’ll spend about $1,000 or so to book those 20 calls, providing you know how to build a high converting coaching funnel.

Again, if you enroll 3 clients at $3,000, you’ll make 9X return on your FB ads.

If you only want to market yourself organically, you’ll need to know ways to generate daily conversations to book those 20 calls.

Let me show you more in my video today!

Discover The 5 Steps To Attracting High Paying Clients And Generating $5K-$20K+ Months Online

Register Now!

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