Looking to use a Youtube strategy to grow your online coaching business?

As someone who has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars from Youtube (without counting Youtube Adsense), and having created a popular health coaching Youtube channel with over 11 million views, I want to give you a Youtube strategy to grow your coaching business.

Now, if you’re a health coach looking to grow your health coaching business, here’s what’s true – Youtube is a lot more crowded than it was years ago.

Gaining momentum with your Youtube channel for your online coaching business is getting harder and harder with an abundance of YouTubers entering the scene.

People nowadays are pickier when choosing to subscribe to channels, as they don’t want to be bombarded with content they’re not interested in.

So the Youtube Growth Strategy that I cover in my video is the exact strategy that helped us grow a health coaching Youtube channel from zero to nearly 50,000, with over 11 million views and amazing results for our online coaching business.

One of the main factors that allows you to grow your Youtube channel are subscribers, comments, and views.

Views are vital to gain subscribers – without views how can people find and subscribe to your videos?

Yet, in order to gain views, you need to come up with quality, consistent content and also play by the Youtube rules so it starts to show your channel to more people.

One of the last things that you want to do is to start a channel, make 3 videos, disappear and then come back 3 months later to post 3 more videos, only to disappear again …

Youtube strategy calls for consistency! Building your Youtube channel in order to see real results for your health coaching business is also a long-term game, so you won’t see immediate results.

Let me show you how to use Youtube strategy to grow your online coaching business in this video.

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