High-ticket sales skills allow you to offer a high-value and high-priced coaching program or service.

If you’re a health coach working in a health coaching niche, this will mean a health coaching offer of $2,000-$5,000, or more.

If your goal is to assist people through a very deep and profound transformation, and make a great income of over $10K months, a high-ticket coaching program, high ticket sales funnel, and high ticket sales skills are what you’ll need to master to help you get there.

High-ticket funnels and high ticket sales are a powerful marketing strategy that, when used right, can help you create both impact and income.

If you have a coaching business, clients who commit to high ticket coaching programs are typically much more invested in them and more likely to have higher levels of success with your program.

That’s one of the main reasons why high-ticket sales skills are great for your online coaching businesses.

High ticket coaching packages call you to build the right high ticket sales skills or high-income skills.

You need to have great skills to market your high ticket program with the help of social media and advertising to make it work.

And when you start to get clients to book calls, with your health coaching business, you then need to build your high ticket sales skills.

And then comes another question: should you be hard or soft at high ticket sales? What will help you feel authentic with sales and at the same time take your online coaching business forward?

Enrolling high-ticket clients can be tricky because it requires a very specific set of skills – psychology, mindset, sales, influence.

These are known as high-income skills, and it’s something you need to master.

So should you be hard or soft with high ticket sales?

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