Exactly how many coaching programs do you need to create to make $100K as a health coach?

I know as a health coach, you’ve probably heard that you need to create endless health coaching programs for your clients, along with launches, membership sites, detox challenges, ebooks, and courses.

While these strategies can work, it’s a very overwhelming and complex way of you running your health coaching business.

One of the best ways for you to grow your revenue as a health coach, make money online, and scale your online health coaching business is to have a high ticket coaching program.

A high ticket coaching funnel allows you to create a high-value program that will be worth thousands instead of hundreds.

Usually, that means designing a health coaching program that will be worth $2K-$5K+ and will allow you to make money online.

It can also be combined with a smaller offer, but really and truly – in order to grow your business as a health coach, you can do it with just one main offer.

You also need to work on building your high-income skills to make it work.

Changing your online coaching business strategy and focusing on coaching clients at a more premium level is a great way to build your business.

You will need to create a specific high ticket coaching program for your health coaching business and also have a way to successfully market it and get clients into it.

Personally, I grew our health coaching business to six figures with my husband by simply focusing on 2 offers – a high ticket health coaching program and a mid-ticket program.

We stopped doing product launches and went with our evergreen coaching funnel. We’ve been doing it consistently for 3 years and we will continue to follow this strategy.

Why? Because it works!

Not just for us, but also for dozens of other health coaches I helped with their businesses.

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