Does high ticket coaching really work? I mean, obviously high ticket coaching can work really well for business coaches … but if you’re a health coach or a relationship coach?

When we were struggling with our online health coaching business, we understood that we needed to choose a different approach to taking our business forward.

At a time, we were charging our clients a few hundred dollars per month. However, after we learned about high ticket coaching and acquired the right high paying skills, we soon changed that and were able to grow to six figures in 12 months.

High Ticket Coaching Success Story

When a dating coach Connell approach me – he wanted help with getting more high ticket sales.

Connell is an amazing and passionate dating coach who runs his dating coaching business for men, but he was dreading enrollment conversations.

He has an established dating coaching business and he books calls with people, however, he was struggling with enrolling enough people into his high ticket dating program.

He was getting clients to book calls with him, but his discovery calls would go on for 2 hours … And then at the end, he would hear the same old objection, like:

“Sounds good, but I don’t have the money to work with you.”

“Sounds good, but now is not the right time for me …”

So he felt very tired from all the calls that he was doing with people.

I helped him create a new sales strategy and trained him on the relevant high ticket coaching skills, including my 2-step sales process for maximum connection with his clients and enrollments.

He booked the same number of calls that month, but instead of ending up feeling frustrated with lack of results again, he had experienced his best ever month!

Connell, with his dating coaching business, had signed up 11 clients out of 13 discovery calls into his coaching program …

In just 30 days, dating coach Connell generated $47K.

Yes, $47,000 USD.

He did it all without product launches, a million followers on social media, and with just one coaching offer.


This is exactly what he’ll share in this video!

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