I’ve been running an online health coaching business with my husband for nearly a decade and I’ve worked with a lot of health coaches.

One of their main concern is this: how can you build a health coaching business in our modern age?

Yes, you probably have your health coach certification and your school probably gave you a few marketing and social media tips.

However, is it enough to help you build your online coaching business?

Not the majority of health coaches who reached out to me for help with their business.

Your health coach certification does not give you specific strategies to choose the right health coaching niche, build your signature program and start making money online.

It’s doesn’t teach you high-ticket sales skills and high paying skills that you simply MUST have in order to grow to $5K-$20K months as a health coach.

This is one of the reasons why so many struggle with their health coaching business growth.

You see, when you identify a profitable health coaching niche and build your high paying skills, as well as create a high ticket marketing plan, your growth and $5K months, $10K months, or even $20K+ months all becomes possible.

Depending on what stage of your health coach business you’re at, for example, a beginner health coach, or a more established one, it can take you between 6-24+ months to get there.

And yes, it will of course take work from your side as a health coach.

And it absolutely can happen when you have the right health coaching niche, the health coaching program that talks to your audience and a great marketing system.

With this in mind, let’s have a look at some of the reasons why your health coaching business might not be working and growing.

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