How do you build your health coaching business online in 2022 and get it off the ground quickly if you’re just starting?

This is exactly the question Dr. Katie was asking herself. Dr. Katie is a pharmacist who realized that the conventional medical system has many limitations.

She overcame her own health issues holistically and wanted to help other women in the health coaching niche.

She also wanted to build her online health coaching business to work on her own terms and have more flexibility with her schedule, especially as a parent.

As well as serving clients and making an impact, your nutrition coaching business also needs to make money online.

For that, you need a winning online marketing strategy, high paying skills, and high ticket sales skills.

The idea of building a high ticket health coaching program is something that appealed greatly to Dr. Katie.

This strategy allows you to start generating great income while working with just a handful of clients each month.

Since Dr. Katie already had a job and a busy parenting life, she wanted to most straight forward way to growing her health coaching business.

And the most straight forward way – without endless social media marketing and posting is through paid Facebook ads.

For that, you need to have a lot of things ready and dialed in. Meaning: your health coaching niche, your health coaching program, the right pricing, the right messaging, the right Facebooks ads strategy, as well as sales skills.

So we created a high ticket health coaching program to help Dr. Katie grow her coaching business online.

I showed her a very simple marketing strategy to help her get paid clients. In no time, Dr. Katie started to grow her audience, book calls and signing up paid clients.

She kept on raising her prices and went from a total beginner, to having over 700 Facebook group members in just 2 months, and high ticket coaching clients.

Dr. Katie is celebrating her new level of growth and a health coaching business that finally generates income.

I speak to hundreds of health coaches, and there’s one common theme …

They’re all trying to charge less than their competitors, but STILL struggle for a consistent income and a profitable online health coaching business.

The key is to position and market yourself to the right clients and then use the right plan to bring them into your paid health coaching program.

Watch this video interview to discover how health coach Dr Katie went from zero to consistent paid clients in just weeks.

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