How do you price and structure your health coaching program if you’re looking to grow online nutrition coaching business?

If you’re a wellness coach, now is a great opportunity for you to establish your online health coaching business, make big impact, and also make money online.

The problem is that if you’re a total beginner coach looking to start a health coaching business and grow it to $5K or $10K months, it can be confusing and overwhelming.

In order to achieve your income goals, you need to price your health coaching program the right way.

There are endless ways to start a health coaching business and unfortunately most health coaching tips you’ll find out there show you a very long and complicated way of doing so.

Here’s what’s interesting – doing more social media posting does not equal earning more income and coaching clients if you lack the right high ticket coaching strategy and have no high paying skills.

So how do you make money online?

First and foremost, you need to have the right health coaching program.

Every online health coach and nutrition coach wants to help people, yet it takes the right strategy, skills, and support to see growth to your income.

It takes the right health coaching niche to begin with and a powerful message, which will help you connect with your audience.


The very first component of your successful health coaching business is going to be that amazing online health coaching program that will change your clients’ lives.

If you’re a beginner health coach, I know it can seem challenging to price your nutrition coaching program the right way.

Should you just coach people for free?

Charge low end fees? Go to a mid- or high level?

These are all great questions and I answer them in my video today.

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