If you’re a health coach, in order for you to grow your health coaching business, you need clients and revenue.

In order for you to get more high-ticket clients online, you need to know the right strategy to help you book more discovery calls.

A lot of the clients I work with are starting at a beginner health coach level.

And if you’ve got a more established health coaching business, you still need to book discovery calls in order for you to maintain or grow your health coach practice.

So in essence, your marketing plan and social media marketing plan need to be created in a way that allows you to book more discovery calls.

And while it’s your sales skills that will help you get more coaching clients online and grow your coaching business …

You also need to find a way to help you book more discovery calls.

The good news is that there’s more than one way to book breakthrough calls.

Regardless of whether you’re a brand new health coach or already more established, you can use both organic and paid ads way to book more clients to market your health coaching program.

In my video, I give you 4 secrets for booking more calls for your health coaching business to help you grow in your health coaching niche.

For example, if you’re a beginner health coach, you can start with Facebook as your social media platform.

If you build a high converting funnel and grow your high-paying skills to help you make money online and help people solve a big problem, you can run paid
Facebook ads.

The goal of your Facebook ad will be to book more discovery calls with pre-qualified prospects.

Another way to grow your health coaching business is to use Facebook to get calls booked organically.

In this way, you’ll use this social media platform strategically and work on booking more discovery calls.

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