Should you run paid ads for your health coaching program? 

If you’re running a health coaching business and want to get paid clients for your health coaching program – should you do paid ads?

It’s true, running paid ads as a health coach has many advantages, including:

  •     Being able to laser target your audience – age, demographic, interest, etc.
  •     Ability to grow your health coaching business faster, even if you’re a total beginner health coach 
  •     Ability to get more consistent results with enrolling high ticket clients (providing you have high paying skills to do so)
  •     Ability to scale your results to get more coaching business clients

If you’re thinking about running Facebook ads for your high ticket health coaching program, it’s one of the most targeted and cheapest forms of advertising.

As well as giving you the ability to build your health coaching business faster and promote your health coaching program, paid ads also help you build your following.

But … (and there’s a BIG but …)

Paid Ads For Health Coaching Business

You have to know what you’re doing when it comes to running paid ads to build an online coaching business.  

Let me give you this example.

You’re a beginner health coach or a beginner coach in another niche.

You’re still unclear on your coaching niche, your message, and your marketing process.

You try to do things through social media – post content, get likes and comments, but you’re not seeing any high-paying clients from your efforts.

So you decide to advertise and rain paid ads with the help of Facebook ads.

You’re spending, spending, spending – driving traffic to a freebie, or your Facebook page, or your video and you’re not seeing results.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen this happen to way too many people running their health coaching business.

Running paid ads calls for a very sharp and specific strategy that has to results in growth and sales for your business.

So in my video today, I explain the best and more profitable way of running paid ads for maximum impact and income.

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