Wondering how you can make more money with your health coaching business … while working less?

Here’s a scenario for you.

Let’s say your health coaching business is generating less than $1K per month. You know you need to make more money.

You’d love to start generating consistent $5K months and then move towards earning $10K months with your nutrition business online.

Perhaps you already have your health coaching programs, but you’re not bringing in enough clients for you to generate enough income … and you feel stuck.

We’ve certainly been there before with our own health coaching business. One of the best ways to make income online with your health coach business is to invest in high paying skills.

Here’s an example for you. Let’s say you managed to book 10 calls with your nutrition business.

You’re currently charging $500 per client with your health coaching program and only 1 person out of 10 joins your program.

If you work on your sales skills and learn how to do more sales, you’ll see how at least 3 people out of 10 will say yes to your program.

So without doing more work, you’ve just tripled your income.

You continue working on your sales skills and your high paying skills. You increase the price of your health coaching program to $2K per client.

With the same 3 clients out of 10, you’ve just increased your income to $6K per month, or $72K per year with your health coaching business.

As you’re getting better with your skills, you’re upgrading your health coaching program and it’s now worth $3K per client.

If you enroll the same 3 clients out of 10 people you talk to, you’re at $9K per month, and you’re at six figures as a health coach business owner.

So you went from earning $500 to earning $9,000 per month, and six figures per year because you’ve invested into your high paying skills.

Do you see how this becomes possible when you have the right skills and follow the right plan?

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