I hear you, health coach!

You have a big heart and you want to help as many people as possible.

You also want to build your health coaching business online and get paid clients.

In an effort you build your health coaching business and brand, you are giving away endless tips, freebies, etc.

But does it actually translate into paid health coaching clients for you?

Listen, making money online and having fans, likes and followers are not always the same thing.

Many health coaches want to be making their $5K months, $10K months, and much more. I totally understand it!

Yet, at the same time, the process that will help you attract high ticket coaching clients is going to be a different process that you’ll use for getting likes and shares on your content.

In other words, getting high-ticket clients requires high-paying skills.

With that, your health coaching business is not going to be the kind of brand that just giving away free tips and freebies.

If you actually want to start generating income, your health coach business brand needs to solve big problems for people.

And yes, absolutely, you will be giving away value and free content, yet you’ll be doing it in a way that leads to paid high-ticket clients.

You see, people who are looking for endless free tips and freebies are usually not the type of people who invest in high ticket health coaching packages.

So when you’re branding your message, you need to think about the type of client who would want to invest in a coach and a paid health coaching program.

So in essence, you need to think about your health coaching niche and message before you start marketing yourself.

In my latest video, I am talking about a big mistake many health coaches make and why you want to avoid it.

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