Beginner health coach starting your health coaching business? First, congrats! You’re about to start a true life-transforming and fulfilling path for yourself! I’ve been a health coach myself for 9 years, built a six-figure business, and reached millions of people.  

Second, what I also want you to know is that statistically, only a small percentage of coaches will be able to build a thriving business, while most others will see themselves quitting and not making it work.

So how can you stand out? Let me show it to you in this video!

There are a ton of myths around the things that you need to have in place in order to create success in your own business. What I want for you is that you don’t go down this rabbit hole that ends up leading you nowhere and so that you can have all the pieces actually figured out.

What You Don’t Actually Need To Start A Health Coaching Business

Perfection. Yes, you don’t need to have everything figured out before you choose your health coaching niche and create your health coaching program. I mean it.

The best way to do it is to work with a coach and start by taking action and actually doing things.

The moment you have it all “figured out”, you become complacent and stop innovating (hint: that moment never happens in your online coaching business lol).

So the first thing you need in your health coach business is strategy.

Most health coaches will focus on tactics, like grow your Instagram to 5,000 followers. Just having followers on Instagram, Youtube or Facebook is not going to help you build your coaching business long term. Tactics are your short-term steps.  

This is why you need a strategy.

A strategy is the bigger, long-term goals that you’ll have in your business so that you can create a plan that will allow you to reach them.

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There are 3 main strategies you need to focus on to grow your health coaching business and make money online with your coaching program:

The first one is your message strategy – or branding strategy – which revolves around clarity in who you are, how you communicate yourself, and the health coaching niche that you want to serve.

The next one is your revenue strategy which is built around creating a powerful health coaching program, which will bring you income.

The third is your marketing strategy which is your plan to generate leads – hopefully consistently.

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