If you’re looking to build a successful signature health coaching program you can charge a premium for AND fill it in with paying clients, Kathryn’s story is for you.

When Kathryn approached me, she knew that she wanted to build a health coaching business online so she could have more flexibility and income.

Kathryn is an IIN graduate who has a big passion for health coaching.

She wanted help with building her health coaching program and she wanted to get clarity on the exact strategy to follow to get high ticket clients online.

Running a health coach business online was totally new to her and she realized that she needed the blueprint and high paying skills in order to be able to do it successfully.

The thought of making money from home online and having more flexibility with her schedule, as well as building her digital health coaching business is something that she was excited about.

Kathryn and I started working together and we went ahead with building every single aspect of her health coaching business online.

The first step I helped Kathryn with was to identify her specific niche, create a unique message to market and build her premium health coaching program online.  

Then, I showed Kathryn how to get paid clients online and we worked on her high ticket sales skills.

She started to gain more followers and booked that first call very quickly.

And then she got her first $1800 high ticket client!

Things didn’t stop there … She continued to sign up more clients, enrolling 5 new ladies into her health coaching program and generating amazing income!

Can you imagine going from having no online health coaching business to having 100% clarity on her niche, message, client attraction system, having her program in place, learning sales skills … 

And actually signing up 5 new coaching clients – all in a matter of weeks?

Discover more in this video!

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