If you’re in the health coaching niche, you might be asking yourself how to find coaching clients online.

More specifically, how to get paid clients – the types of clients who are ready to invest into your high ticket health coaching program.

When we struggled with our own online health coaching business, we thought that it was to do with our health coaching niche.

Specifically, vegan and plant foods health coaching niche.

Although we were getting paid clients, 5 years into our health coaching business, we found ourselves in a place where we were just not growing and not making enough income.

The thought of charging high ticket prices was something we could not even comprehend because we were struggling to get enough clients at mid ticket prices (like $500).

I’ve heard from many business coaches teaching others how to make money online that in order to grow your business, you need to have a high ticket, premium coaching packages.

But how? If we were struggling to get enough clients at $500, how could we get clients at $3000?

Health Coaching Niche – Finding High Paying Clients

Well, the answer came along. And the answer was … build your high paying skills and a winning marketing plan.

We had to amend our health coaching niche, along with our marketing strategy, coaching skills, and sales skills.

We discovered real gaps that were preventing us from finding high ticket clients online – mindset, marketing, and high ticket sales skills.

12 months on, our health coaching business was turned around and we celebrated our first ever $100,000+ year!

Since then, I’ve helped dozens of health coaches create their high ticket coaching packages online and grow their both impact and income online, with then generating $5K per month, $10K per month, and even as much as $47K per month!

So where do you find high-ticket clients? Discover more in our video today!

Discover The 5 Steps To Attracting High Paying Clients And Generating $5K-$20K+ Months Online

Register Now!

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