If you’re looking to grow a successful health coaching business, this before and after story is for you!

“Facts tell, stories sell.”

I love that saying.

I remember when we started our nutrition coaching business back in 2012, we had no idea about how we needed to market ourselves.

We went to a raw food festival near New York and one of the presenters there talked about writing and selling ebooks and doing affiliate marketing.

He showed results from his own health coaching business and we were sold.

We invested into his program after and it gave us some income … for a while, before things changed big time.

Ebooks and digital courses worked well in 2012, but it’s 2021 and things have changed. A lot!

So if you’re a beginner health coach, perhaps an IIN graduate or another health school grad – how do you build your health coaching niche, health coaching program and health coaching business in our world today?

This is what my latest interview is about.

Lupita is one of my clients. She is a new IIN health coach and she’s just completed my 90-day Coaching Breakthrough Academy Program.

She wanted to build her coaching business online and start generating income online. Health has been her passion for a very long time, so her drive was to help other people.

But … what health coaching niche should she choose? How should she create her health coaching program?

And, most importantly, how to get high ticket clients as a health coach?

Your success with nutrition coaching business comes down to the right strategy and the right plan.

Well, thanks to the right plan that I helped Lupita implement, she went from zero to $7,500 in revenue, while working on her health practice part time.

How did she do all that?

Let’s find out in this video interview.

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