How do you design a health coaching program that brings you high ticket clients?

What’s the secret?

If you’re a health coach looking to design a health coaching program that generates income and changes people’s lives, you need to follow a very specific strategy.

A well-designed signature health coaching program is there to help you build a foundation for your high ticket health coaching business.

If you’re just starting out with your health coaching business online and you’re looking for business coaching, you absolutely need to create a health coaching program.

What’s more, with your nutrition coaching business, you need to focus on your signature coaching program that will be your main offer.

There are 3 things you need to have in place in order to design your health coaching program, change lives and make money online with your program as a health coach:

1. Become clear on your signature coaching program (who will it need to serve? How will it help them?)

2. Structure it in a way that helps you create profound changes in your clients’ lives and also grow your online business as a coach. Think about what milestones your clients need to go through in order to get the results they are looking for.

3. Pricing your health coaching program as a high ticket program so it allows you to generate more income and create a deeper transformation for your clients.

For example, a $3,000 program can soon get you to six figures a year with just 3 clients per month.

If you build a signature health coaching program as part of your online business, it will bring you endless clients, a solid stream of income where you’re generating $5K-$10K+ months online and a fulfilling business.

In today’s video, I talk about how to create a health coaching program that helps your clients change their life and makes money for you as a coach.

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