Here is a very interesting story of a health coach who wanted to build a high ticket health coaching program and get high ticket clients to grow her online health coaching business.

Karen has been in the health coaching niche for 20 years.

She is a well-known advocate, best-selling author, and health coach running her coaching business.

But …

She’s always been struggling for income with her health coaching practice.

As well as serving clients and making an impact, your successful business also needs to make money online.

For that, you need a winning online marketing strategy, high paying skills, and high ticket sales skills. 

The idea of building a high ticket health coaching program is something that appealed greatly to Karen. 

When year in and year out all you generate is $20,000 per YEAR, while doing TONS of work with your health coaching business, life can get pretty exhausting.

By the time Karen reached out to me, she had already done many different courses on business growth, plus worked with mentors, but she found it challenging to grow in her health coaching niche. 

One of the first things we did together was choosing a very specific health coaching niche vs being a generic plant foods health coach.

Then, we worked on her program and pricing, as well as sales skills.

Karen had a lot of hesitation about charging a premium in her health coaching business. 

People were complaining that her $200 coaching program was too expensive … 

But because she knew that I have built our health coaching business to six figures, and helped dozens of health coaches get high paying clients, she was willing to change things in her business.

So we created a high ticket health coaching program.

Then, I showed her a very simple marketing strategy to help her get paid clients.

In no time, I got an email from Karen: 

“I got my $2,000 health coaching client! She paid right on the phone with no hesitation!”

Shortly after that email, I got another one where Karen shared that she enrolled yet another $2,000 client.

$4,000 in a matter of just 4 weeks after years of struggle!

Karen is celebrating her new level of growth and a health coaching business that finally generates income. 

I speak to hundreds of health coaches, and there’s one common theme …

They’re all trying to charge less than their competitors, but STILL struggle for a consistent income and a profitable online health coaching business. 

Either that, or they’re selling low-cost e-books, or cheap one-to-one sessions in the hope these will bring results …

But the sad truth is, they will not …

The key is to position and market yourself to those clients and then use the right plan to bring them into your program.

Watch this video interview to discover how health coach Karen created her premium coaching program. 

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