How do you handle sales objections, like: “I Need To Think About It?”

Imagine that you take a call with a prospect, talk to them and present your offer with passion and determination. So far so good!

But then you tell the price of your high ticket coaching program and everything drops. You’re getting too many sales objections and your enthusiasm is declining.

Objection handling is one of the most important aspects of your successful high ticket sales skills.

This is the number one skill that most health and wellness coaches I’ve worked with didn’t know how to use.

Sales objection handling allows you to bring in more people into your program and help them commit to their dream.

It helps you scale to $10K months and beyond.

Sales objections are a natural part of your enrolment conversation – it’s nothing to be afraid of and by building your high paying skills, you’ll be able to address them with grace and sign up more people into your coaching program.

How to handle sales objections?

All proper sales closing techniques will need to include objection handling.  

It amazes me that many coaches will invest multiple four and five figures into their education to get a certificate, yet when it comes to investing in the high paying skills to build their business, they’ll choose to save on that.

As a result of that, endless sales objections become a normal part of their reality and they start to think that their coaching business is just not working.

If you’re a health coach building your health coaching business, or you’re a coach in another niche, you must learn how to handle sales objections.

So when you hear the “I need to think about it” sales objections, you first need to appreciate people experiencing this objection.

As you’re mastering the art of overcoming objections, you’ll need to know how to separate them so you’re able to dive into more specific areas of objections.

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