Your nutrition coaching business can be a thriving and fulfilling practice, yet it can also be a huge struggle.

I am always the one to admit that we made a lot of mistakes with our online coaching business.

Instead of taking a fast route to growth, we took a slow and painful route with our nutrition coaching business.

Instead of building the right offer, choosing the right niche, with the right price point, we under-charged for years.

Despite the fact that we’ve always invested in ourselves and our business, most coaches we’ve hired and programs we took couldn’t help us grow our health coaching business.

Avoid These 5 Nutrition Coaching Business Pitfalls

1. Not having a plan

Here’s what’s interesting: posting on Instagram or social media is not a plan.

I know you’ll hear that you should focus on growing your audience, and you absolutely should, but do you have a bigger plan on exactly how to grow your health coaching business?

Are you clear on your niche, know how to build your authority, package your offer, enroll clients, scale your practice?

This is when that high level plan comes in!

2. Busy is not productive or profitable 

I know a lot of coaches who are busy with creating content, looking for clients, running their business, yet their business is not profitable.

So “busy” does not equal profits for your nutrition coaching business. It’s not a measure of your success.

And while success is subjective, a successful online coaching business is the one that creates big impact while also generates good income and stays profitable.

Ultimately, the only way to stay in business and to do what you love full time in your health coaching niche is to run a profitable health coaching program.

3. Lack of high income skills

Why is it that some coaches have no problem with signing up clients who invest $5,000 into their packages, while other coaches struggle to get their clients to pay $300?

The simple answer is that coaches who have a thriving online health coaching business have high paying skills.

If you have a goal of running a health coaching business that creates transformations and generates six figures a year, or over $100,000 a year, you need high paying skills.

A high-income skill is generally a skill that could earn you over six figures every year or earn money ranging from $10,000-$20,000 per month.

These skills are in high demand and will be great to know for the rest of your life (because health professionals will stay in demand!)

Building high-paying skills is a great way to ensure that you’re working towards your health coaching business growth, yet also create results, plus freedom for yourself.

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