If you’re looking to grow your health coaching business, you might be wondering whether you should create a one-on-one or group health coaching program.

A lot of it will depend on where you are in your health coaching journey.

If you’re a beginner health coach and are clear on your health coaching niche, you could deliver your health coaching program one-on-one initially.

But this is not the model when you’ll eventually decide to leverage your business.

So if you’re generating $5K per month and you want to grow to $10K per month and further, you’ll need to find a way to leverage things in your health coaching business.

This is where a group coaching program can help you grow as a health coach.

One of the myths many health coaches believe in is that if they create a group coaching program, they will not be able to charge a high ticket for it.

If you’re looking to get high ticket clients for your health coaching business and run it as a group program, you need to work on the right plan to make it all happen.

One of the biggest problems that prevent people grow in their coaching niche and build a thriving online health coaching business is that they don’t build that important foundation in place.

In other words, who do they serve and how do they help them?

Who is their premium coaching package aimed at?

If you lack that clarity as a health coach and you lack the right high paying skills to make high ticket sales, growth is going to be either very slow or almost impossible.

I know you’re looking to make both impact and make money online with your health coaching business, so running a high ticket group health coaching program is one of the best ways to grow and leverage.

In my video today, I’m exploring group vs one-on-one health coaching and what you need to focus on to grow your digital health coaching business.

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