What’s the best way for you to launch your online course in your coaching business – live course launch or create an evergreen course?

In case you don’t know the difference – having an evergreen course means that it is open for enrollment all the time, with students beginning the course any time they want.

With a live course launch, you launch it once for a period of time (usually the actual launch is 10-14 days long) and then you close the enrollment.

Which one is right for you, especially if you’re building your health coaching business online?

Well, first thing first – the health coaching niche is a very profitable niche to create a course and a health coaching program in.

We grew our own health coaching business to a six-figure level and we’ve done live course launches, as well as run our evergreen course.

In fact, we sold over $700,000 worth of courses and coaching programs online!

Live course launch has many different aspects that you MUST have in place if you’re a health coach or a coach in other areas.

It takes a lot of time, energy (and stress) to run a live course launch campaign.

You have to have a lot of pieces in place to launch your course. It is also a high-risk strategy.

Think about it – you’re a beginner health coach and you’ve put months into creating a launching an online course.

You’ve invested in copywriters, launch programs, coaches, ads. You rely on that course launch to bring you revenue.

You launch it and … crickets …. Not one person has signed up for it!

A big Facebook ads budget doesn’t guarantee you results, especially if you’re a beginner coach.

What’s more, now you’re not going to do another course launch for months to come as you cannot launch programs too often.

In contrast to that, a high ticket evergreen course is a totally different story.

If you build your high ticket skills, choose the right coaching niche and create the right client attraction plan, you can be having paid clients right away.

They will be able to join your evergreen course at any time.

So which strategy should you adopt to grow your health coaching business?

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