Running a health coaching business can happen via these 2 ways:

1. You have a plan, systems, and support to help you get more health coaching clients and generate more income (a fast and effective way).

2. You don’t have a clear plan and there’s constant guesswork as to how to get more clients and grow your revenue (a slow and painful way).

My husband and I have been running our online health coaching business for over 8 years and during that time we went from struggling to running a six-figure nutrition business.

Having also worked with dozens of other health coaches looking to grow their business, I see them make these 3 big mistakes with their health coaching program that prevent them from being able to make money online.

Health Coaching Business Mistakes

Mistake number 1: Being A Generalist

I understand that you want to run your health coaching business because you have a true passion for helping others.

You want to do that, and also generate $5K-$10K+ months.

But how do you start as a health coach? One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a health coach here is to become yet another generalist coach.

This means that you’ll be talking about anything and everything related to health coaching.

When you do that, your message becomes too diluted and it’s much harder to build your authority and start charging high prices for your program.

If you’re wondering: “How do other coaches make income online, especially those who generate $10K+ per month?”

One of the secrets is going to be to do with how they position themselves.

A successful health coaching business means that is has positioned itself as an authority.

You can do that by spending 5-10 years building your business. Or you can do that right away by choosing a specific niche for your health coaching business and following a winning strategy.

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